Take Me Out to the Fair

Take Me Out to the Fair chronicles the history of the Brazoria County Fair, “the Largest County Fair in the State of Texas”. As with many county fairs held across the nation, the Brazoria County Fair focuses primarily on agriculture with most of the exhibits and competitions highlighting such. From October 1910 when the first fair was held on the grounds of the Brazoria County courthouse to present day, fairgoers have enjoyed thrilling rides, games and an abundance of food temptations. For a few days during the year, many county residents’ diets consist of barbecue, cotton candy, caramel apples, funnel cakes, lemonade, corn-on-the-cob and ice cream. The county fair has a wonderful history and never fails to provide a combination of offerings that pleases every member of the family and creates lasting memories.

Fairs or markets long have been an integral part of many communities and have encouraged regional economic growth. The success of a fair depended on its proximity to several towns as well as on the site’s access to various modes of transportation. During the middle ages in Europe, fairs began to take on the look of what is seen today. To this day, local businesses and organizations set up booths at fairs in order to share information with fairgoers about products and services. Many groups offer small gifts to entice their audiences, such as a yardstick or a pen and pencil set, that advertise a particular business or even a political figure.

Hubba Hubba and his trained Penguin

Special THANKS to the Brazoria County Fair Association for providing many of the images and materials in this exhibit.

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Parade First Fair
1950 Fair Queen Pageant


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